Who wants to see Randy Travis naked? The cops, apparently

Police have reportedly confiscated convenience-store surveillance footage of singer Randy Travis, who allegedly walked naked into a Tiger Mart in north Texas on Tuesday night, demanded cigarettes and then left in frustration shortly before he was arrested on the side of the road on suspicion of DWI.

After presenting a search warrant Friday, law enforcement took the entire video system, the store manager told TMZ, because nobody could figure out how to remove the tape.

(Seriously — who’d be in a hurry to touch that tape? But we digress.)

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Turns out that Travis, who was booked on the misdemeanor DWI charge as well as a felony charge after allegedly threatening to shoot and kill the officers involved in his arrest, took some time while he was at the county jail to chat up some fans and pose for a picture.

“I was hysterical — I was so excited, telling everybody, ‘I just saw Randy Travis,’ but they didn’t believe me until they saw it on the news,” NBC News heard from fan Cassie Kearns, who had been visiting another person at the jail when Travis took his leave Wednesday after posting $21,500 cash bail.

"[Travis] was still, I think, in shock. He told us briefly that he was drinking and driving and naked on the side of the highway.”

Kearns and her mother-in-law, Brenda Fontenot, said they gave the singer the Texas Longhorns cap he was photographed in when he left jail, clad in scrubs he’d been given by authorities. Fontenot said the country star looked ashamed and upset.


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