John Travolta hit with sexual battery suit; his rep denies claims


Actor John Travolta has been hit with a sexual battery and assault lawsuit by an unidentified masseur.

The massage therapist, identified in documents as John Doe, claims that Travolta responded to an advertisement for his services in mid-January. He alleges that their subsequent session was a nightmare of unwanted advances, touches and bizarre declarations about sexual favors in Hollywood.

Travolta’s representative has declared the suit to be nonsense. “This lawsuit is a complete fiction and fabrication. None of the events claimed in the suit ever occurred,” the rep told Entertainment Weekly.

According to court documents, the events in question unfolded on Jan. 16, when Travolta allegedly asked the masseur to meet him on a street corner and then fetched Doe in a black SUV. Condoms, as well as scattered chocolate cake wrappers, were said to have littered the car’s center console and floor.

It was back to the Beverly Hills Hotel, to a private bungalow, where Travolta stripped immediately and was “semi-erect,” the suit claims, and Travolta then proceeded to suggestively remove a towel covering his buttocks, touched the masseur’s genitals repeatedly and tried to coax John Doe into a reverse massage.

Then, according to John Doe’s recollection (TMZ has the full suit here), when Travolta got the message that no mutual play would go down, he became erratic and verbally abusive, calling Doe a “loser.”

The most troubling nugget in Doe’s account claims that Travolta went on a rant that “Hollywood is controlled by homosexual Jewish men who expect favors in return for sexual activity” and that his habit of making such trades began in his “Welcome Back Kotter” days.

Team Travolta says that the actor wasn’t even in California the day the alleged shenanigans went down, and that that can be proved if necessary. The masseur is seeking $2 million in punitive damages.


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