Lindsay Lohan endorses Mitt Romney, disses her dad

Lindsay Lohan is feeling healthy, feeling good, and feeling Mitt Romney for president. Thus spake the actress on Thursday.

“I think unemployment is very important for now, so as of now I think [my vote] is Mitt Romney,” Lohan told reporters at a ginseng-drink launch party in Los Angeles on Thursday night, according to FOX411’s Pop Tarts.

There’s more to the story, she hinted, but “you’re going to have to wait for that.”

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As Lohan didn’t make her declaration on Twitter, she didn’t face the same direct vitriol actress Stacey Dash received earlier in the week when the “Clueless” actress cast her lot with Romney. But that doesn’t mean Lilo’s day has been mockery-free.
While Dash got comments on being black and endorsing Romney -- not to mention one tweet saying she should kill herself -- Twitter criticism of Lohan ran more into the bad-driver and rich-person arenas. (Because they check driving records and pay stubs when a person goes in to vote? Whatevs.)

Lohan was in a chatty mood Thursday, that’s for sure. The “Liz & Dick” actress got on the phone with TMZ for 20 minutes earlier in the day to clear up a few things about the fight she’d had this week with mom Dina Lohan, a fight that was made more dramatic after her dad, Michael Lohan, released a tape he’d made of Lindsay calling him mid-brouhaha and alleging that her mom was on cocaine.

Lilo said it was her dad who called police, who showed up at her mom’s house Wednesday morning and took a report. Indeed, on the tape Michael hollers, “She’s kidnapping you, Lindsay,” more than once.

She said she’d lied about her mom being on drugs, and that the fight was just one of those things that got blown out of proportion with her dad’s help. And they weren’t clubbing, they were going to a restaurant, she said.

“Things happen,” Lohan said. “People have arguments and disagreements, but it shouldn’t be recorded and put on the Internet by someone that you’re supposed to trust, which is your parents. That hurts.”

Michael Lohan, she said, is once again persona non grata in her life. And it looks as if things with Mom are just fine.

One last thing, however, about that endorsement: To make it count, Lindsay has only till Oct. 22 to get properly registered to vote in California, according to E! News, which reports that that actress hasn’t re-registered since moving out of Venice at the beginning of the year.

Lohan did, however, vote in 2008.


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