Kristen Stewart on ‘New Moon’: ‘I wish I was better’

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Kristen Stewart wishes she was better in “New Moon” and acknowledged that if she’s being really honest, she “didn’t love” “Eclipse.” As the star of “The Twilight Saga” since its inception in 2008, Stewart has been at the forefront of the lucrative vampire franchise throughout its five movies.

Along the way, she’s worked with four different directors, battled the ever-present media scrutiny and learned how to handle a fervent fan base that has very specific ideas on how Stephenie Meyer’s beloved books should be translated onto the big screen.

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When Stewart looks back on the movies, she has varying thoughts about each of them.

On “Twilight”: “What I remember the most about the first one is sitting with Rob [Pattinson] in a room tearing our hair out over the script. We were getting notes from the studio incessantly. Every day. I now love everybody but then I was like ‘Don’t you dare say anything to me.’ It was such a fight. And it’s so much fun to fight. That’s my thing. It’s great.”

On “New Moon”: “It’s always been my favorite. I think the depths that are described in that and going from the forest to the bedroom to Italy. Oh my God, that’s why you live. If I were to do that movie now.... I really, really, really, really wish I could go back and do that movie again. I would just be better. But I love it and I had a great experience with [director] Chris [Weitz].”

On “Eclipse”: “I just didn’t love it. At the time we were kind of pumping them out. The movies were really close together. It felt a little mechanical. That is the most painful, when you know it. When you are on a set and you know that you are dropping things. We were letting things just fall through our fingertips.”

On “Breaking Dawn Part 1”: “‘Breaking Dawn’ was the most exciting for me. You just rip through it. Plus, there was so much detachment on the last one that on this one I was raring to go. [I was] simply not going to let that happen again. There was no way.”

The final film in the series, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2,” opens Friday.


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