Kanye’s fashion show album drop: the models, the website crashes, the video game and, oh yeah, the music

Rapper Kanye West unveiled his new collection of clothes and music on Thursday at Madison Square Garden. Dubbed “Yeezy Season 3" after his line for Adidas, the event saw the polarizing artist coupling his twin passions.

Always one for a grand gesture, West also announced that he is at work on a video game called “Only One” and that it’s about his late mother “traveling through the gates of heaven.”

Broadcast live on the Tidal music streaming service — at least when the feed wasn’t crashing — the presentation delivered pomp and beats in equal measure. West worked the room to play, track by track, his new album, “The Life of Pablo.” He delivered the tracks as models stood virtually motionless onstage wearing items from his new line.

The 10-song album is slated to be released soon, though when, exactly, only Kanye knows. Tidal for its part has revealed no information about how the album may be purchased, but they are rebroadcasting Kanye’s performance.

Featuring contributions from Chance the Rapper, Frank Ocean, Kirk Franklin, El DeBarge, Rihanna, Kid Cudi, Ty Dolla Sign and others, West’s eighth studio album (including his “Watch the Throne” collaboration with Jay Z) has been gestating since the release of his previous record, “Yeezus,” in 2013.


Before deciding on calling it “The Life of Pablo” — presumably in reference to his stated admiration of Pablo Picasso, but other theories, as always, are swirling — West had floated a few titles, including “Wave” and “Swish.” He announced its final name only this week.

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