‘Hell’s Kitchen’ recap: No, raw pork is not on the menu

‘Hell’s Kitchen’ recap: No, raw pork is not on the menu
Chef Gordon Ramsay is not pleased on this week’s episode of “Hell’s Kitchen,” where diners were nearly served raw pork.

Do you like this “To Be Continued” stuff on “Hell’s Kitchen”?

Episodes kick off with a bang -- and an elimination -- under this new formatting kick, and it seems to work, bracketing each episode with drama.


But what do you think? Do you like waiting a week to find out who (or how many) will be eliminated?

This week’s episode ended with four people on the chopping block, and Chef Gordon Ramsay poised to do something that he’s never ever ever done in “Hell’s Kitchen.”


What’s that? Eliminate four people all at once? Possible. This is a pretty big field of competitors, and among the culinary crimes committed: serving raw pork. Elimination might be an appropriate punishment.

Or will he force the four players to switch teams? That might be more likely.

After all, Dan and Ray are good for comic relief and Nedra struts around challenging men to a brawl by saying stuff like: It’s “hammer” time and “I’m Mike Tyson… ring the bell if you want to play … let’s go!”

There’s swagger, and then there’s Nedra. Can you really let that go so early in the competition?


As for Mary, she seems a little too soft for this competition. At least we know she’s not preggers. But will she get her shot at redemption?

(Speaking of which: What did you think about all the crafty editing last week suggesting that Mary was distraught about possibly being in the family way, and Ray seemingly challenging a woman to a fistfight. None of that appears to be true. Going too far with the camera work?)

In other developments and “Hell’s Kitchen” firsts:

--Ramsay eliminated Jeremy, scolding: “You have done something I have never seen, ever. You brought up a sample plate” and attempted to pass it off as a freshly-cooked meal. To his credit, Jeremy took his medicine: “I don’t know what I was thinking. It was my own fault.” (At least it wasn’t raw pork.)


--Is Amanda a hypocrite, or a leader who does what’s best for the team? I’m thinking hypocrite.

--How much do you love the dopey music overlay for the likes of clueless Dan? (But he’s not that clueless: He managed to give a behind-the-back middle finger to his teammates while he stood on the chopping block.)

--Sous chef James Avery even got in on the action, hollering at the men’s team for a dismal effort in the kitchen. 

--Anyone standing out to you in this crowd? Michael seems in control.

--Has Ramsay ever used “Dumb and Dumber” before? Or did he just add an especially apt zinger to his arsenal?

Finally, for what it’s worth: I have no sympathy for diners in “Hell’s Kitchen” who don’t get a meal. C’mon. You go there knowing there’s a 50-50 chance you’ll only get to dive into the bread basket. No need to harass the wait staff! (Assuming any of that was real …)


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