Conan O’Brien ignites Twitter war with Madeleine Albright

Conan O’Brien
Conan O’Brien, shown hosting the Princess Grace Awards in Beverly Hills on Oct. 8, got into a Twitter war with former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright on Thursday.
(Chris Pizzello / Invision/Associated Press)

War has broken out on Twitter between two powerful factions and it seems that only some real diplomacy and statecraft can save the day.

In one corner there’s late night host Conan O’Brien. In the other, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. How did this come to pass?

Well, O’Brien started it.

On Thursday, O’Brien tweeted, “I picked out my Halloween costume. I’m going as ‘Slutty Madeleine Albright.’”


What would have otherwise been a passing joke got serious later in the day when Albright surprisingly responded with, “I’m considering going as hunky Conan O’Brien -- but that might be too far fetched.”

O’Brien seemed thrilled at first, responding, “YES -- My first twitter war with a former Secretary of State! You’re next, George P. Shultz!”

Shultz was Secretary of State under President Reagan from 1982 to 1989.

But Albright tempered O’Brien’s enthusiasm with this warning, “Never get into a word war with a diplomat. We talk even more than comedians.”


O’Brien finally seemed to put a temporary end to hostilities when he responded, “Damn -- Whenever I go toe to toe with @Madeleine Albright, she always wins.”

Never one to let uncertainty cloud events, Albright later tweeted that it was all in good fun.

But Halloween is still approaching, and now O’Brien should follow up on his original promise. The only question then is how will Albright respond.

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