‘Daily Show’ enters the polar vortex with global warming debate

“The Daily Show” returned from its holiday break and attempted to avoid controversy. Gone were the days of the so-called war on Christmas, Jon Stewart said. They planned to avoid hot-button issues such as politics and religion. Instead, they would focus on something more benign. Like the weather.

As it happens, much of the country is caught in the grip of record cold temperatures and snow, caused by something called a polar vortex. And according to the hosts and pundits on Fox News, those freezing temps are further evidence that global warming is a hoax. It’s what the “Daily Show” crew calls the “war on carbon.”

Cut to “The Five” host Eric Bolling calling the motives of the scientists warning about climate change into question.

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“I gotta tell ya, I think these scientists are laughing from their lavish laboratories and their vacations up at the Arctic and their nice boats that are well equipped,” he said. Which prompted a deer-in-the-headlights look from Stewart.


“That’s the dream, man,” Stewart said. “I remember thinking, ‘When I get older, I’m gonna take one of them Arctic research cruises ...”

Of course, it’s money that the pundits suspect is truly guiding the interests of the scientists, as opposed to the ostensibly pure motives of businessmen.

Of the scientists, Stewart said, “I’ve never trusted them since I found out one of the elements on their periodic table? Gold.”

Watch the rest of the bit, including correspondent Jessica Williams and a gaping head wound, below.


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