David Letterman will have prime-time tribute on CBS


As the clock is running out on David Letterman’s long late-night career, CBS has decided to send him off with a prime-time special, examining his long broadcasting career.

“David Letterman: A Life on Television,” will air on May 4, just a couple of weeks ahead of Letterman’s final “Late Show” on May 20.

The 90-minute special, hosted by Ray Romano, whose “Everybody Loves Raymond” was produced by Letterman’s production company, will feature clips and highlights from throughout Letterman’s decades-long broadcasting career.


Of course there will be clips from his 22 years on “Late Show” on CBS, including his famous post-9/11 episode in which he movingly addressed the tragedy before the nation. And there will no doubt be plenty of Stupid Pet Tricks, Stupid Human Tricks and lots of celebrity guest moments.

Letterman’s late-night career spans 33 years, and at the time of his retirement, he will have hosted 6,028 late night broadcasts. Before that, he had a short-lived morning show on NBC titled “The David Letterman Show,” and before that he was a weatherman in Indianapolis.

Along the way, he also appeared in the cast of Mary Tyler Moore’s short-lived variety show, “Mary” and hosted the similarly short-lived “Starland Vocal Band Show” on CBS.

Here’s hoping they also include a clip from his appearance on “Mork & Mindy.”

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