Disney’s ‘Gravity Falls’ renewed for a second season

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Disney Channel’s animated series “Gravity Falls” has been renewed for a second season, Disney executives announced Monday.

The show has turned into a hit. It’s TV’s No. 1 animated series with kids ages 2 through 11 and 6 through 12 as well as with tweens ages 9-14, according to Nielsen Television Index.

Created by Alex Hirsch (“The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack,” “Fish Hooks”), the show follows the exploits of 12-year-old fraternal twins, Dipper (voiced by Jason Ritter) and Mabel Pines (voiced by Kristen Schaal). The pair have been sent to spend the summer with their oddball great uncle Stan (voiced by Hirsch) in the strange and wonderful town of Gravity Falls.


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“Gruncle” Stan lives in and runs a museum of curiosities called “The Mystery Shack,” and the twins find that the place is indeed full of mystery. The concept lends itself to the popular fan pastime of trying to decode a secret message at the end of each episode.

“ ‘Gravity Falls’ is mystery, comedy and weird all rolled into one unique show — there is nothing else like it,” said Eric Coleman, senior vice president of original series for Disney Television Animation, in a statement. “Alex Hirsch and his team have crafted a show with memorable characters, multi-layered stories, and production values that are rarely seen in television animation.”

To promote the show, Disney has teamed with the Subway sandwich chain to offer promotional “Gravity Falls” characters in Subway’s kids meals.

The network is also rolling out two new games featuring Mabel and Dipper on its website. “Attic Stuff Golf” requires players to navigate a golf ball through a course cluttered with items from the attic, and “PinesQuest,” (which launches Aug. 16) is a sequel to “Rumble’s Revenge” and requires players to fight enemies and solve mysteries.



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