DogTV launches with programming for dogs

People may get excited about all the new cable and network programming being discussed at TCA, but chances are, man’s best friend couldn’t give two woofs about “Sleepy Hollow” on Fox or the latest HBO original series. That’s why the Israeli-based media company Jasmine Group has created a channel just for dogs.

DogTV, which launched Thursday on DirecTV, is a 24-hour pay channel providing programming designed and produced to appeal to canines.

The channel is divided into three kinds of programs, “Relaxation,” “Stimulation” and “Exposure.” Programs run three to six minutes and give dogs either soothing pastoral scenes or provide them with snippets of everyday life that normally cause anxiety, such as someone ringing the doorbell.

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In a statement, DogTV CEO Gilad Neumann said, “As people work longer hours and have both members of the household working, more dogs are left home alone, sometimes for several hours. Pooches get lonely, bored and suffer from separation anxiety. Owners are looking for ways to help comfort their dogs until they return. DOGTV is the ideal solution.”

The channel has recruited pet experts such as Animal Planet’s Victoria Stilwell to design the programming, which could also appeal to humans who just like to look at dogs on TV.

If the $4.99 a month channel catches on, it’s possible we could start to see more pet-centric TV in our futures. Who could resist Goldfish TV?



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