Golden Globes nominee Andy Samberg: 'I'm over the moon!'

Golden Globes nominee Andy Samberg: 'I'm over the moon!'
Actor-comedian Andy Samberg couldn't be happier. (Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times)

Andy Samberg was part of the wave of newcomers breaking through the list of Golden Globes nominees Thursday morning.

In his post-"SNL" life, the 35-year-old ventured into the business of headlining a comedy via Fox's cop workplace laffer "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" — following in the footsteps of fellow "SNL" alums such as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

The Tuesday series, which scored a nomination in the comedy/musical category, has been a solid performer on the network in its somewhat uneven comedy block. Earlier this fall, the network showed a vote of confidence for this series by giving it the post-Super Bowl slot alongside sister comedy "New Girl."

We talked to Samberg about the show's good day.


What an awful day for you.

It's the worst. I feel like .... And ....

Tell me more. This is all very quotable.

Whoops! I'm over the moon! ... I don't understand what just happened.

How long before you ask for a raise? Be honest.

I've already asked. The second I heard the news, I said, "Can you please pay me more than chicken nuggets?" And they said, "OK, well give you more than BBQ sauce."

You're making me hungry.

Isn't it weird how chicken nuggets have that effect. You can mention them at any time and it has that effect.

Let's try to be serious for at least one question. Do you think this whole "headlining your own comedy" will seem less daunting now with a nomination under your belt and the show's — or more so?

I would say the same amount. It's great for the show. I mean, I'm really happy I got nominated. But I'm more excited the show did. It's not surprising what I'm going to say here, but it's a huge group effort. Look up ensemble in the dictionary and there's a photo of our cast — like what I did there? But seriously, we're very hopeful it helps more people give it a chance.

I was at the James Franco roast — and those boys wasted no time ribbing you about the show and what they joked would be a short lifespan. Have you texted them all yet?

Let me do this here with you, Yvonne. ... This nomination is dedicated to their jokes.

Lovely. And you're in the midst of shooting the epic Super Bowl episode, yes?

Yes, we're shooting it this week. It's fun. It's definitely a little more intense. There are a lot more takes of everything. We're trying to make sure everything is funny for someone who just drank their way through the Super Bowl and an episode of "New Girl." We're feeling very, very happy with what's coming in.

Are you worried about Golden Globes night? You have a relationship with the hosts. Do you think Amy and Tina will feel like they have free range to skewer you come the big night?

I certainly hope so. I don't think Tina and Amy are worried about skewering anyone. They are the Dual Queens of Lampoon.

And how do you plan to celebrate? I feel like you, of all people, are going to do something tame.

I won't lie. I will probably strip naked, pour champagne, run through the Grove straight into an early-morning screening of "Captain Phillips." And that's when the whispers will start: "This movie is so intense, why is Andy Samberg naked, covered in champagne?" And I'll be like, "It's 10:30 a.m. and I'm celebrating my Globe nominish like Yvonne told me."

I like that abbreviation.

It's so unhip to say nomination. I like to live life like a tween.

Will there by any celebration on the set, as a whole? Or will everyone follow you in this naked endeavor?

I was down at the set. Everyone was flying. For a show to be this new and recognized at all, it's just great. And it's such a helpful boost of confidence. Being in TV is stressful. You don't know if you're coming back, everyone is looking at ratings, everyone is ready to call your time of death. So to just feel like you're validated or that people think the show is good, to me, that's what's important. That's what I care about.