Golden Globes 2015: ‘Jane the Virgin’s’ Gina Rodriguez on her nomination


“Jane the Virgin” star Gina Rodriguez got quite a surprise on Thursday morning when she received her first-ever Golden Globe nomination for lead actress in a comedy or musical series. The CW series, which is still in its first season, also received a nomination for best comedy or musical series. She spoke with Yvonne Villarreal by phone.

Everyone predicted it. But did it still come as a shock?

Yeah, girl! Of course it came as a shock! What was beautiful was so many people believed and supported us that it helped the fear. Because then it became -- regardless of what happens, I have so much support right now. I have so many people believing I should be considered -- and that alone was a win before getting a nomination. That to me was just -- I mean, you get so scared. This is my dream. This is amazing. This is what I’ve been dreaming about since I was 15 years old. For it to come, and to come so soon and for a network that has never had a Golden Globe nomination, and here I am as a Latina lead. This is a beautiful thing. And this is not about me, Yvonne. This is about all of us. This is about the show and my cast. This is about Latinos being in the mainstream market which is where we belong because we’re American as well. It’s so much bigger than myself.


This is huge for the CW. Your nomination and the show’s -- what’s it like to plant the flag there?

It’s incredible because this wasn’t supposed to happen. Everything that is going on with “Jane” wasn’t supposed to happen. From the title to the show, to the synopsis of the show, to the fact that I was Latina. This was not supposed to happen. We just showed everyone why perseverance, ambition, drive and hard work matters. We took all of that energy that we weren’t supposed to succeed, and we showed them that success exists even in the most precarious corners. We rose up and it happened.

Gimme a hashtag to describe how you’re feeling -- you’re good at that.

Oh my goodness. At first, I wanted to tweet: “I woke up like this. #nominated” -- because you know that woulda been the bomb. But I had to give my love to the Globes. But, I mean #blessed. Or #anotherfirstforJane. Or “Thank you Golden Globes for popping my awards show cherry.”

Whom do you hope to run into at the bar?

I mean, duh, I want to run myself into Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. I’m trying to kick it with those funny ladies. I’ll be their third musketeer.

A lot of comedy series nods have female-focused bents and are led by female show runners -- what does that say?

OMG, yesterday I had read Shonda Rhimes’ speech at THR’s Power Women gala. Oh my god. I was in tears last night. I said the speech aloud. It is so encouraging for her to shed a light on the fact that we are here. We’ve been here. We’ve been doing things. And we’re not going to stop. That there is no breaking of the glass ceiling. On the contrary, there have been cracks and holes made for years by women before me. This nom for the CW, we didn’t break through any ceiling either. Those people have been pushing for us and pushing for us -- we did feel the breeze on our face because they have been fighting for us. The CW, CBS Studios, Les Moonves, David Stapf, Mark Pedowitz -- they have been pushing for me from the beginning. Jenni Urman being the amazing woman that she is, making an amazing independent, strong, brave female lead -- she busted that bitch down for me. You know? She did.

If you could have a narrator like Jane does, what would he be saying?

Well, Anthony Mendez who is the “Jane” narrator, would definitely be doing the voice. But he would be saying right now: “Gina, remember: head down, prayers up. Keep doing good work. Prove to everybody that you deserved that Golden Globe nomination by continuing to do good work. And that’s what matters most. And that’s the reason why this recognition came. Get back to basics. Get back to doing what you love and what you’ve been blessed to do.”

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