NBC plans encore airing of ‘The Sound of Music Live’

Good news for Julie Andrews! The star of the 1965 film version of “The Sound of Music” told the Associated Press on Monday that she had not seen the live broadcast of “The Sound of Music” starring Carrie Underwood on NBC last week. Now the network has plans to re-air the three-hour production on Saturday at 8 p.m.

“The Sound of Music Live” originally aired on Thursday and was a huge success for the network, which took a risk with a live broadcast of a musical that’s been around since 1959. The first airing had a total audience of 18.6 million viewers, which outperformed the network’s expectations.

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While many tuned in, not all were kind to the show. While technically the production was pulled off, many pointed to singer Carrie Underwood, not known for her acting abilities, as Maria, the main character. Times TV critic Robert Lloyd wrote, “As a stage actress, there was no way to regard her as anything but an amateur.”

Still, despite the problems many had with the star, the notion of broadcasting a stage musical live in prime time seemed appealing to enough people that NBC is reportedly considering another similar production.

In the meantime, those who didn’t get a chance to watch (or be snarky about) the production when it played live the first time can catch up with the recording on Saturday.


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