Ron Burgundy performs Rob Ford’s campaign theme song on ‘Conan’


Ever-classy 1970s TV anchorman Ron Burgundy (a.k.a. Will Ferrell) dropped by Conan O’Brien’s show Wednesday night to talk about a lot of things, including his Dodge Durango ads and what to do in the event of a prison riot.

But what he was most excited about was being able to sing the new reelection campaign song for his “dear, dear, dear friend” Rob Ford. Remember? The crack-smoking mayor of Toronto?

“He is the best,” Burgundy said.

“He’s a controversial figure,” O’Brien said.

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“Controversial because he’s so damn honest,” Burgundy responded.

The song? A little ditty called “Working for the Weekend” by Canadian band Loverboy.

Besides Burgundy’s crooning, there’s quite an impressive flute solo in the middle of the song. So impressive that it left Burgundy completely out of breath.

Ferrell has a history of big classic rock moments on O’Brien’s shows. He performed “Free Bird” dressed as Ronnie Van Zant for O’Brien’s final episode of “The Tonight Show.”

Rob Ford? You now owe Ron Burgundy big time.


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