‘The IT Crowd’ creator offers fans an appearance in the final episode

From left, Katherine Parkinson, Richard Ayoade and Chris O'Dowd of "The IT Crowd."

Fans of the British comedy hit “The IT Crowd” have been anxiously anticipating the final feature-length special episode meant to wrap up the series. But now they have an extra reason to be excited: Series creator Graham Linehan has put out the call for fans to record themselves reacting to an outrageous (but unseen) video on their phone or laptop and submitting it.

Those selected will be included in the final episode. And they’ll probably finally get to see exactly which video they were supposed to be reacting to.

On his website, Linehan describes what he’s looking for, with one odd specification: “It would be really good if the photo can show a famous landmark in the background,” he writes.

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Linehan also has a few other needs: no logos, no music, no artwork on walls or book covers and no one in the shot who hasn’t given their permission to the show.

Also, Linehan cautions, “We have no money left so EXPECT VERY LITTLE REMUNERATION, POSSIBLY (DEFINITELY) EVEN AS LITTLE AS NONE*. However, when your children and great-grandchildren ask you what you were doing in 2013, you can say ‘I was, ah…stop talking! Here comes another twister! Hold on to something! FOR GOD’S SAKE HOLD ON!’”

Several members of the cast of “The IT Crowd” have parlayed their cult hit status into Hollywood careers. Chris O’Dowd is currently starring in the HBO comedy series “Family Tree” and Richard Ayoade is about to release his third film as a writer-director, “The Double” starring Jesse Eisenberg.

The deadline for video and photo submissions is June 25. More details are available at Linehan’s website. “The IT Crowd” airs in the U.S. on IFC.


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