Tracy Anderson sets the record straight on Jennifer Lopez’s abs

Jennifer Lopez and Tracy Anderson
(REX / Shutterstock)

Jennifer Lopez owes her rock-hard abs to hard work, not shameless photo editing. The 47-year-old multihyphenate entertainer blasted critics Thursday who claimed she sloppily used photo-altering software to flatten her bare midriff in a photo posted to her personal Instagram account.

“Omg … Just a smudge on the mirror … lol … not photoshop,” she wrote in response to the barrage of negative feedback toward the image, which depicts the mother of two exposing her toned tummy beneath a white Guess sweatshirt.

Fitness guru Tracy Anderson, who has been training the “Shades of Blue” star for years, attributes the singer’s impressive physique to a dedicated commitment to her own fitness.

“She gives so much and she’s not one of these performers who think they’re just entitled to a good body and is jumping for all kinds of quick fixes,” explained Anderson. “Not only do her abs look every bit as good as in that picture, they look even better in person.”

Anderson, who opened a flagship studio in Midtown Manhattan earlier this year, ensures she has one of her trainers with Lopez whether she’s on stage in Las Vegas or on set in Los Angeles. “She’s always working out and taking care of her body, but if she feels like she needs a little more resistance on her bum or something like that, then she’ll say it and she’ll get it. She’s very aware of finding her own formula and what works for her along the way.”

Contrary to incredulous Internet trolls, Anderson insists the Bronx native is “not out thinking beauty creams or fad diets are going to do it.”

“The real lesson and truth here is she isn’t getting those abs in two moves or with a smoothie,” continued Anderson. “She works out anywhere from 3 to 5 days a week with us, depending on her schedule. She doesn’t do anything half-assed.”

Anderson, whose lengthy roster of celebrity clients includes Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham, is continually impressed by Lopez’s positive attitude during workouts. “In all of the years I’ve worked with any celebrity, she complains the absolute least.”


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