Starbucks attempts luxury with a $450 all-metal gift card

Starbucks has released a $450 all-metal gift card.
Starbucks has released a $450 all-metal gift card.

The Starbucks brand doesn’t exactly bring to mind sports cars, yachts and mansions with rounded driveways, but the Seattle-based coffee giant is attempting luxury with a new $450 all-metal gift card, just in time for the holidays. It’s shiny, it’s fancy and it has the company name laser-etched into its smooth rose-colored exterior.

In the words of Drake, who earlier this year was so instrumental in the #DrakeHands Starbucks fiasco, “Oh, you fancy, huh?”

According to the product description, each card is “hand-assembled, features a gorgeous artisan rose base metal and rose colored coating.” Only 1,000 cards will be available.

For the second year in a row, Starbucks collaborated with for a limited edition card, which went on sale Friday.


The card comes preloaded with $400 of Starbucks credit. A flash of this card won’t get you into a swanky airport lounge or better seats at a basketball game. But it will automatically elevate your “My Starbucks Rewards” account to “gold-level status.”

At Starbucks, being a gold member entitles you to a free birthday treat, a 15% off coupon at, free refills on iced or brewed coffee and tea and a frequent buyer program with stars.

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