Beachwood finally bottles its sought-after, ultra-hoppy Melrose IPA

Beachwood BBQ
Beachwood BBQ’s Thrillseeker and Melrose brews are going to be released in bottles.

Beachwood BBQ, the Long Beach brew pub, just celebrated its second anniversary, but it’s the local beer lovers who are getting the gift: after many requests, Beachwood is bottling its beloved Melrose IPA.

Beachwood BBQ has built a fervent fan base with well-made takes on classic styles (and the often goofy names that accompany them), but the brew pub is most loved for the hoppy IPAs that brewmaster and co-owner Julian Shrago cooks up. Thrillseeker IPA was the first IPA that Beachwood released in bottles earlier this year, but it didn’t last long on local store shelves and many missed out on the beer.

Melrose IPA is a pungent West Coast-style IPA that showcases the fruity, resinous and citrus-heavy character of the Amarillo and Simcoe hops used. The beer, to the delight of hop lovers, has an aggressive bitterness that lingers long on the tongue. Shrago has been making the beer since his homebrewing days, and it has become a favorite among Beachwood’s many fans.

“Melrose is a great beer, and we are excited to finally see it bottled for the first time,” says Beachwood BBQ founder and co-owner Gabriel Gordon. “There’s no doubt that those who tried Thrillseeker IPA will be pleased to have another great go-to Beachwood IPA.”


Keep an eye on your local bottle shops as the 22-ounce bottles of Melrose IPA should be hitting stores after July 16th. The run is limited to about 180 cases, and any hop-fans would do well to snatch up bottles of Melrose when they see them as they’ll surely sell out quickly. Thankfully, Beachwood will be backing up the release of Melrose IPA bottles with a second run of Thrillseeker bottles the following week. 


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