Here’s your chance to brew your dream beer without having to open a brewery

Angel City Brewery's taster tray of craft beer. The brewery is having a What Would You Brew contest.

Angel City Brewery’s taster tray of craft beer. The brewery is having a What Would You Brew contest.

(Julie Verive)

Any serious beer lover has, perhaps after a pint or three, thought about taking up brewing for themselves. Many of these hopeful brewers turn to the booming hobby of home brewing, and while it’s a noble and entertaining pursuit, it takes time, patience and not a small investment in equipment and ingredients.

But here’s a slightly less labor-intensive idea. Angel City Brewery is offering one lucky Angeleno the chance to make their beer dreams come true with the What Would You Brew contest.

Now in its third year, inventive would-be brewers are again asked to submit their ideas for a beer that captures the essence of Los Angeles and the story behind their idea.

Last year’s winning brew, Desert Dreams, showcased a combination of native flavors, including orange peel, sage, figs and prickly pear cactus. In 2013, the first-ever What Would You Brew contest winner was a Mexican cola beer that used roasted malts, citrus peel and tamarind to create an uncanny analog to bottles of Mexican Coke.


The brewers at Angel City will choose their favorite idea in October, and the winning entrant will spend a day in the brew house helping to make that dream beer, which will then be showcased during L.A. Beer Week 2016. The winner also gets to take home a prize package including a case of pint glasses and a custom kegerator for the home bar.

Angel City Brewery is accepting entries on their website until Sept. 30.

If you’d rather go the DIY route to craft your dream brew, start with a class at a local home brew shop, get in touch with a local home brew club, or grab a book on beer and get brewing.