Three meals with ‘My Usual Table’ author Colman Andrews

Colman Andrews’ “My Usual Table.”
Colman Andrews’ “My Usual Table.”

Longtime food writer Colman Andrews has just written his memoir and is heading back to his old stamping grounds to talk about it (and eat a bit too).

Andrews was raised in Beverly Hills by show biz folk and started eating at Chasen’s from a kiddy seat. He went on to become one of the first restaurant critics at New West magazine, which helped popularize what we now call California cooking, and he also wrote for the Los Angeles Times for many years. [UPDATED: This story originally said Andrews was a restaurant critic for West magazine.] He  was the founding editor at Saveur magazine, a columnist for Gourmet magazine and now heads the Daily Meal website.

His memoir,  “My Usual Table,” is a touching look at a life spent in pursuit of the next great meal, whether it comes from the kitchen of Spain’s modernist landmark El Bulli (Andrews was an early proponent of chef Ferran Adria and eventually wrote a book about him) or the somewhat seedy ‘70s Hollywood restaurant Ports.

The book also touches on what that single-minded pursuit cost him, both in dollars and cents (he seems to have been perennially broke) and personally (he is a man of many wives and relationships … and, yes, in case you were wondering, he does tell his side of the story of his affair with Ruth Reichl).


Andrews will be making three Southern California public appearances in support of the book. On Sunday morning, he’ll be doing brunch at Belcampo Meat Co. in Grand Central Market (free brunch tasting, and you get 10% off any meat purchase; space is limited so email for reservations). That evening, he’ll be guest of honor at a special dinner at Mozza ($175 per person, includes a signed copy of the book). On Monday night, he’ll be at Farmshop in Santa Monica (four-course dinner and a book is $90).


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