Not your average pot brownie: A real chef is making fancy marijuana edibles

Chef Mindy Segal is launching a line of marijuana edibles in Illinois.

Chef Mindy Segal is launching a line of marijuana edibles in Illinois.

(Jon Shaft / Hot Chocolate)

Those who partake in marijuana edibles are mostly limited to gummy candies and baked goods, such as brownies. But if you’re a medical marijuana patient in Illinois, your edible choices are about to get fancy.

James Beard award-winning chef Mindy Segal, who happens to be the owner of Chicago’s Hot Chocolate restaurant, is launching a line of chef-crafted marijuana-laced products. She’s the first high-profile chef to delve into the world of cannabis edibles.

Segal partnered with Cresco Labs, the state’s largest marijuana farmer, to make the products.


“We’ve all heard the expression ‘it tastes like medicine,’ but there’s no reason it has to,” Segal said in a release. “With my recipes and Cresco’s technology, we’re developing this line of products to be consistent every time and absolutely enjoyable to eat.”

So don’t expect another pot brownie. Segal is making a line of infused granola bites, a line of chocolate brittle bars (including salted toffee smoked almond brittle, peanut butter brittle and caramelized white chocolate with butterscotch.), an infused chocolate drink and a ready-made cookie batter mix.

Segal’s products will be available at licensed dispensaries in Illinois beginning in late February. The edibles could be available in five additional states in the future, depending on distribution agreements.

“I have a lot to learn and a lot to give,” Segal told the Chicago Tribune. “I’m hoping I can be a leader in the industry.”

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