How to make your Chipotle burrito 86% bigger, for free


Most Chipotle fans have a favorite order. Thinking about deviating from this favorite order, even a little, can cause major anxiety.

No one should mess with your double guacamole — don’t call it guac — corn salsa on the side, chicken burrito. We get it.

But what if we told you there was a way to get 86% more food on your next visit, without paying any extra?


Just thank Dylan Grosz, a writer for the website In an act of pure selfless civic duty, Grosz set out on a mission to maximize his Chipotle burrito. So he ordered 35 Chipotle burritos over the course of a several days, with a control burrito of white rice, black beans, chicken, mild salsa and cheese.

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He made sure to order the burritos from the same shift of workers at his local Chipotle to minimize variations. Then he took the burritos back to the office and measured them.

Grosz, we applaud you.

Here’s what he came up with. Instead of ordering a burrito, order a bowl, with a tortilla on the side. Grosz claims you can also ask for two tortillas, a.k.a., a double wrap, to keep the burrito from busting open. You’ll have to wrap your burrito yourself, which should be worth it, in theory, in the end.

Then ask for both the white and brown rice, for what Grosz claims is 93% more rice. 0rder both black and pinto beans, then ask to go 50-50 with chicken and steak.

When it comes to the fajita vegetables, go wild and add the corn salsa too. Your self-wrapped burrito is now 86% bigger. For a full breakdown of Grosz’s research, you can read his full article here.


Grosz, our next Chipotle excursion will be dedicated to you.

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