Sorry, Chipotle fans, your favorite burrito chain is raising prices

Chipotle is testing all-natural tortillas. Pictured is a burrito wrapped in the chain's current tortilla.

Chipotle is testing all-natural tortillas. Pictured is a burrito wrapped in the chain’s current tortilla.


Chipotle fans may want to brace themselves. The fast-casual Mexican food chain has announced it will increase its prices in 2014.

The change will be a result of the company’s efforts to stop serving foods with genetically modified organisms (GMOs), the controversial processes that make foods more tolerant to herbicides but are also believed to be linked to health problems and environmental damage.

“I think [the price increase is] probably in kind of a mid-single digit range, whether that’s 3, 4, 5%,” said Chipotle founder and CEO Steve Ells during a company conference call Thursday. “What it will depend on is what happens with general ingredient inflation...and then what it costs us to remove GMOs from the rest of our ingredients.”

Chipotle has made moves toward offering healthy, natural foods at its restaurants before with new items such as the tofu sofritas made by Chipotle chef Nate Appleman. Earlier this year the company came out with a new film and game called “The Scarecrow” meant to help show the difference between processed and real food.


If you’re worried about having to pay more for your favorite burrito, you may want to try this trick from Business Insider. They discovered you can get more food if you order a burrito bowl and a tortilla on the side, rather than a regular burrito.

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