Comedian Billy Eichner accuses Burger King of ripping off his shtick in new ad

Comedian Billy Eichner, host of "Billy on the Street," and also known as that guy who yells at people during his man on the street interviews, is throwing major shade at Burger King. Eichner is accusing the fast-food chain of stealing his shtick.

If you watched the Emmys this year, you may remember Eichner in a segment with host Seth Meyers, asking New Yorkers about the Emmys. During the interview, Eichner ran around, excitedly shoving his microphone in people's faces.


In Burger King's latest ad, a man with a microphone interviews two teenagers about what they think of the price of an order of Burger King chicken nuggets. The man talks loudly and yells at the teenagers, unable to control his excitement over the nuggets.

Eichner thought the ad was a little too similar to the interviews he's known for and took to Twitter to voice his grievances.

"Hey @BurgerKing - thanks for stealing my act for [your] new commercial! Except it's not as funny and everyone knows [you] stole it. Get your own ideas," tweeted Eichner.

He followed with "Oh and @BurgerKing once you're done stealing my comedy please stop making people morbidly obese! Thanks so much."

Eichner's fans tweeted their support for the comedian, including actor Seth Rogan.

"Yo BurgerKing, stop stealing from the hilarious @billyeichner and stick to what you're good at: giving me diarrhea."

Eichner says he'll be at McDonald's today, enjoying some McNuggets.

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