California couple gets married in frozen food aisle at Costco

A couple got married at a Costco in Santa Maria, Calif. Shown is a Costco Wholesale in Danvers, Mass.
(Elise Amendola / Associated Press)

Surrounded by bags of frozen shrimp, turkey burgers and mini quiches, a Santa Maria, Calif., couple wed in a frozen food aisle at Costco.

The company gave the couple permission to get married in the store after it closed for the evening, reported KEYT-TV. Friends and family gathered around as the bride, now Meredith Bonilla, walked down the frozen food aisle, lined with poinsettias.

At the end of the aisle, bridegroom Robert Bonilla stood on wooden pallets, and they said their vows in front of stacked boxes of paper towels. With all the other products sold at Costco (trash bags, rubber gloves, etc.), it could have been worse.


The couple met at Costco about a year ago while shopping in the frozen food section, and decided to get married in the same spot they met. Good thing they didn’t meet in an elevator, the post office or at a junkyard. Tough spots for a wedding, and none have any wedding cakes on hand in the back.

After the ceremony, the couple did what any Costco shopper does after a couple of hours roaming the aisles, contemplating giant bags of bagel thins and eating dumpling and cheese samples. They lounged on a chair in the furniture section.

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