Bring Your Own Cup Day at 7-Eleven means giant Slurpees for everyone

Bring Your Own Cup Day 7-Eleven
Saturday is Bring Your Own Cup Day at 7-Eleven. Pictured are three customers drinking Slurpees out of their own “cups” with a helmet, hat and giant red Solo cup.

Slurpee lovers, prepare yourselves for some ground-breaking news. Saturday is Bring Your Own Cup Day at 7-Eleven. 

That means Slurpee fans can bring in a cup of their choice, and fill it with their favorite Slurpee flavor — or all of them.

Please don’t pretend you’ve never mixed Coke and cherry together, with a little kiwi-strawberry. And if you’re one of those people who spends longer than three seconds contemplating your flavor mix, we get it. 

Feel free to bring in your new boots (we got the idea from Jaleo, Jose Andres’ tapas restaurant in Las Vegas, where you can find croquettes in a shoe), a baseball helmet, Mason jars, buckets, kettles and “World’s Best Dad” mugs to fill, as long as they fit in a designated 10-inch cut-out in the store. The vessels must also be clean, and leak-proof. So maybe not the shoes. 


The promotion is happening 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at participating locations, for $1.49 per bring-your-own cup. 

This Slurpee purist only drinks Coke Slurpees. Follow me on Twitter @Jenn_Harris_

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