KFC Double Down? Fatburger protein burger doubles, triples, quadruples the meat

Fatburger's version of the KFC Double Down with two beef patties in place of buns.
Fatburger’s version of the KFC Double Down with two beef patties in place of buns.
(David E. Clevenger / Fatburger)

Most people are familiar with the concept of a protein burger. It’s the low-carber’s favorite fast food indulgence with a beef patty wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun.

At the new Fatburger/Buffalo’s Express in Beverly Hills, a typical protein-style burger just won’t cut it. Who wants more lettuce when you can just add more meat? The location is the first to introduce a burger wrapped in beef, no extra lettuce required.

Anyone else thinking of the KFC Double Down? People were equally horrified and in awe of the sandwich that uses two fried chicken patties in place of a bun.

The Fatburger protein-style burger comes with lettuce, cheese, onions, pickles, tomatoes and whatever else you’d like to pile on (bacon, fried eggs, chili and guacamole are other options), all sandwiched between two beef patties.


Get small protein burger for $4.50, a medium with larger patties for $5.50 or go big with a $7.50 large size. And if that’s not enough, you can get an XL, XXL, or XXL version of the burger with prices varying based on how many extra patties you decide to pile on. If you want four patties on your burger, you can do that.

And because it’s Beverly Hills, you can also get a gluten-free bun, in case for some reason you want a bun.

The new location is a hybrid Buffalo’s Express as well, so expect to see Buffalo wings, boneless wings, chicken tenders and salads on the menu.

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