This company helps eliminate food waste by selling buffet leftovers for almost nothing


BuffetGo, a company designed to help eliminate waste by selling restaurant food before it’s thrown out, has launched in Los Angeles.

The company purchases whatever food is left at a participating restaurant before it closes on that day; BuffetGo customers can then purchase that food online and pick it up.

The food is available at the restaurant during a 15- to 30-minute window before it closes. When diners arrive to pick up their food, they are provided with empty boxes to fill with whatever they want.


The BuffetGo website has a list of restaurants — all of them are either standalone or hotel buffets. The food is discounted by 75% to 90%. A recent meal from a Vegas Seafood Buffet was priced at $5, down from the regular price of $20.

“This new and revolutionary way of dealing with the food waste epidemic problem our planet is suffering from is beneficial for all parts,” BuffetGo founder Emil Rosengren Lolby wrote in an email to The Times.

The company launched in Los Angeles in September; it has been operating in New York City and Chicago since earlier in the year.

Some of the participating Los Angeles restaurants include Hokkaido Seafood Buffet, Double Tree and Hilton Hotel restaurants, Bluefin Sushi and Seafood Buffet, and Vegas Seafood Buffet.

Diners who purchase meals can fill up the boxes they’re given with whatever they want from the restaurant buffets. The only catch? There’s no guarantee of what’s left when you get there.

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