Kentucky fried-chicken candles: The scent of fried chicken without cooking

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Sometimes you just need to fill your home with the scent of fried chicken. This is usually achieved by making -- and eating -- fried chicken, which should involve a hot iron skillet full of oil and flour in your hair. Or you could just light a fried-chicken candle.

A company called Kentucky for Kentucky is selling a fried-chicken-scented candle called “Scents of the Commonwealth: Fried Chicken.” The candles have no connection to KFC restaurants.

“Let the fresh, fried sizzle of savory golden goodness drift into your hearts and homes with one of our most delectable creations to date,” the company says on its website.


According to the website, Kathy Werking, who designed the candles for Kentucky for Kentucky, makes them by frying chicken in soy wax and adding an “infusion of family secrets” to the recipe to achieve just the right aroma.

When the candles went on sale Friday, there were only 25 available and they sold out in less than a minute. But the company quickly replenished its inventory and, as of Tuesday morning, fried-chicken candles were still available.

Candles that smell like fried chicken might sound like a good idea, until you realize smelling the chicken without actually being able to eat it is likely to result in hanger (angry hunger).


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