Say goodbye to the ‘Got Milk?’ ads for good

Apparently, the “Got Milk?” ads just aren’t cutting it anymore. You know, the ones with celebrities such as Taylor Swift, David Beckham, Steven Tyler and others with milk mustaches. The Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP), the force behind the ads, has outgrown the iconic slogan. 

The ads are being replaced with marketing targeted at more active, health-conscious consumers. 

The new campaign is called “Milk Life” and features people running, walking, playing basketball and guitar with milk gushing out of them. MilkPEP plans to spend $50 million on the campaign and run print, digital and television ads and retail promotions. You can view the video campaign above.


One of the print ads stresses the 8 grams of protein in an 8-ounce glass of milk. 

Protein is “really in the news and on consumer’s minds,” Julia Kadison, interim CEO of MilkPEP, told Ad Age. “But a lot of people don’t know that milk has protein, so it was very important to make that connection between milk and protein.”

The milk mustache ads may be history, but the California Milk Processor board will keep the “Got Milk?” slogan. 

The milk mustaches can go, but that original “Got Milk” commercial was genius. 


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