Hatch green chile ice cream: The hot way to cool down

Hatch green chile ice cream from L.A. Creamery

Hatch green chile ice cream from L.A. Creamery.

(Russ Parsons / Los Angeles Times)

Just in time for the hottest weeks of the year, L.A. Creamery has come up with another chile way to cool down. For the second year, the ice cream company is making a Hatch green chile ice cream, to be sold exclusively through Bristol Farms stores.

This year, the recipe for the ice cream was developed by pastry chef Danielle Keene of Sheila Mae dessert caterer and a finalist on the first season of Bravo’s “Top Chefs Just Desserts." 

As with last year, it’s a combination of juices from roasted green chile and vanilla ice cream. This year’s version is a pale green. The first impression is true green chile flavor, then the vanilla comes through — and finally it finishes with just a slight bit of tingly chile heat.

The ice cream will sell for $10.99 for a pint when it becomes available Aug. 24. It’s a seasonal item, with only 800 pints made. Get it while it’s hot. 


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