Hershey’s spreadable chocolate: The new Nutella?

Hershey’s the new Nutella?
Hershey’s chocolate spreads come in three flavors: chocolate with almond, chocolate with hazelnut and plain chocolate.
(Jenn Harris / Los Angeles Times)

What could make a chocolate bar even better? Being able to spread it on just about everything... including your fingers.

The Hershey Co., the brand behind Hershey’s, has launched a new line of spreadable chocolates. And one of the varieties looks an awful lot like Nutella, the Italian hazelnut chocolate spread with a cult following. 

Hoping to spur a chocolate spread frenzy of its own, the Hershey line includes a chocolate and hazelnut flavor, a plain chocolate flavor and an almond and chocolate spread.

The company suggests putting the spreads on anything from graham crackers, strawberries and bananas, to celery, pineapple and pickles. Pickles! 


The hazelnut flavor isn’t exactly the same as Nutella, however. Still, we dunked graham cracker sticks into all three flavors and spread the chocolate on some cheese popcorn. It all worked. We’re also on the lookout for some pretzels. 

The spreads come in 13-ounce jars and cost $3.79. They are available now at stores nationwide. 

Will you try the new chocolate spreads? Let us know in the comments below. 

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