Why replacing a kid’s Halloween candy with healthy treats is never a good idea

Eating massive amounts of candy is the best part of Halloween -- especially if you’re under the age of 12. So what happens when you replace a kid’s Halloween candy with tofu marshmallows, nori pops and fruit chews? They totally freak out.

In the ridiculously cute video above, Crest decided to do just that in an unofficial experiment for a commercial. They put kids dressed in Halloween costumes in a room, and told them that this year, they would eat healthy treats for Halloween.

“This is the most worst I ever tasted,” says one kid, while another scratches his head and says, “Hey, you’re saying disgusting stuff is good stuff, and it’s disgusting.”


One adorable girl named Adriana simply says “I threw up” after eating something called an artichoke butter cup.

After about a minute of the kids spitting out candy, the adult in the video tells the kids that these are the treats that will be replacing Halloween candy this year. “How do you like Halloween without candy?” he asks.

Quick cut to a girl in what looks like a pink-and-black bear costume screaming her lungs out having a tantrum. Genius.

The screen then reads “Nothing is more horrifying than Halloween without candy. Thankfully there’s Crest and Oral-B.”

Bravo Crest, bravo.

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