All flautas, all the time from La Casita Mexicana’s Del Campo, Arvizu

Jaime Martin Del Campo and Ramiro Arvizu of La Casita Mexicana are opening a new spot called Flautas in Baldwin Hills in October. And as the name suggests, the two chefs will only serve flautas with a variety of fillings and toppings.

Flautas will be a stall in the food court at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw, rather than a sit-down restaurant. And on the menu, nine types of flautas.

“Flauta means ‘flute’ in Spanish, which is fitting because of their long, thin shape,” said Arvizu in a release. “But we also like to think of them as music for your palate — a magnificent symphony of flavors.”

These flautas are made from extra-large corn tortillas. They include mercado-style filled with chicken, Mexican crema, spicy tomatillo sauce topped with cotija cheese; potato and homemade chorizo flautas with tomato, onion, guajillo chile, cheese and chile de árbol sauce; poblano chile and cheese flautas with potato, Mexican crema and spicy green tomatillo sauce; beef or pork picadillo flautas with tomato, onion, garlic and oregano; chicken flautas topped with the chefs’ green mole or mole poblano; and cochinita pibil flautas with roasted pork shoulder meat marinated with achiote bitter orange juice and spices.

You can also order shrimp or fish flautas and bean flautas topped with spicy red chile de árbol sauce and fresh Mexican cheese.


“You don’t encounter flautas very often in Los Angeles,” said Del Campo in a release. “Ramiro and I have such fond memories of cooking and eating them while growing up in Jalisco, and we wanted to share that experience with guests who visit our restaurants today.”

Flautas will also serve a selection of aguas frescas and lemonade with chia seeds.

Del Campo and Arvizu also announced plans earlier this year to open Mexicano, a large restaurant with regional Mexican agave liquors at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw plaza some time in December.

3650 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Los Angeles,

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