Mac attack! 10 deliciously decadent mac ‘n’ cheese dishes

Sometimes, you just need some mac ‘n’ cheese.

That cheese and carbs combination makes it one of America’s favorite comfort foods, kind of like a warm cheese-y hug on a plate. You won’t eat it often, but if you’re going to indulge, you might as well do it in style.

And here are 10 decadent mac ‘n’ cheese recipes that will scratch that itch.

PHOTOS: Mac attack! 10 decadent mac ‘n’ cheese recipes


We searched the Los Angeles Times Test Kitchen’s archives for the best mac dishes we could find. We’ve got several versions on this dish. We started with classics such as the mac ‘n’ cheese served at Lawry’s, and the one served at the popular King’s Fish House seafood restaurant.

For you traditionalists, we’ve even got a version that unapologetically uses Velveeta.

We also have macs that kick it up a notch with barbecue sauce, another version that brings the heat thanks to chipotle, and one for those who like a little diced onion in their mac.

For those who like a little protein with their mac ‘n’ cheese -- you know, to make it a well-rounded meal -- we’ve got one that is topped off with grilled chicken, and another studded with slivers of prosciutto.

And just when you thought mac ‘n’ cheese was decadent enough, we’ve got one finished off with truffles.

But whatever you do, keep clicking until you see our recipe for the best-ever mac ‘n’ cheese. Trust us. Try it, and you’ll agree.


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