Upgrade your kitchen -- with a home La Marzocco espresso machine


Fancy an espresso machine? If so, you might want to start your comparison shopping over at La Marzocco. The espresso machine manufacturer last week unveiled a professional-level espresso machine geared specifically for the home kitchen called the Linea Mini. The machine is part of the company’s new Home line, which launched in November.

If the Linea Mini looks familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen a larger version of it before. The Mini is based on one of La Marzocco’s best-known espresso machines, the Linea Classic, the hardware of choice for many coffee shops in town.

The Linea Mini recalls the Lineas you see in cafes, only in a package compact enough to fit your kitchen counter. At just 14 inches wide and 21 inches deep, it’s even sort of cute, at least in the same way that puppies and mini croissants and many other small versions of big things are cute.


Beyond aesthetics, the machine sounds impressive: It boasts dual boil system, temperature control, a pre-infusion feature, a drip tray and a built-in water reservoir. And it’ll plug into the same power outlet that your stand mixer plugs into.

The Linea Mini comes in four different finishes — stainless, red, black and white — and retails for $4,495, so you’ll probably want to start saving your pennies now. The machine is available for preorder now on La Marzocco’s website and is expected to ship in May or June.