This new Hollywood restaurant only serves breakfast at night. And they have spiked cereal milk


If you’re eating breakfast after 10 p.m., you’ve probably been out drinking, or just getting off work. Maybe you’re sitting at Denny’s, maybe Norms. And it’s way too bright in the dining room.

The next time you’re in the Hollywood area and feel like pancakes after dark, there’s Nighthawk Breakfast Bar. This is the restaurant that opened next to Sadie’s, on Las Palmas Avenue, just south of Hollywood Boulevard, right in the middle of a sidewalk packed with club kids and the smokers waiting to go back inside.

It’s the latest project from Jeremy Fall, the nightlife king behind Genesis and Golden Box, two nightclubs in Hollywood. The concept is late-night breakfast, served from 8 p.m. until 2 a.m., and only Wednesday to Saturday.


It’s dark inside (really dark), there’s a DJ playing great ‘80s and ‘90s music, each table is presented with a section of The Los Angeles Times newspaper (we’re not affiliated in any way, honestly), most everything on the menu comes with a fried egg — and there are spiked cereal milk cocktails. Think of it as an adult breakfast Disneyland with plenty of booze and Tinder-friendly lighting.

Nighthawk Breakfast Bar a dark & cozy nightspot for boozy French toast, spiked cereal milk and other breakfast-for-dinner food in Hollywood.

Nighthawk Breakfast Bar a dark & cozy nightspot for boozy French toast, spiked cereal milk and other breakfast-for-dinner food in Hollywood.

(Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles Times)

The menu is a list of breakfast and brunch comfort foods, but nothing is traditional. The fried chicken comes with sweet potato pancakes (order this), there’s a pork belly breakfast banh mi topped with a fried egg (again, lots of fried eggs here) and the Benedict fries are basically French fries in a really gooey smoked paprika cheese Hollandaise sauce topped with a fried egg (order this too).

Then there’s the “tower o’bacon,” which is actually a cup of candied bacon that’s been covered in Tapatio, and the drunken French toast — pieces of challah coated in crispy rice cereal with pear brandy, red pear compote and mascarpone mousse.

All of the cocktails are basically things you drank as a kid, spiked with liquor. There are three types of infused, spiked cereal milk: Fruity Pebbles-infused milk with gin, Cocoa Puff-infused milk with brandy and Honey Nut-infused milk with bourbon. Boozy floats include a Fernet mint and chip with Mexican Coke. You can even order something called a Julius Maximus that involves orange juice, milk, gin, ice and vanilla.

A boozy almost Orange Julius and a stack of sweet potato flapjacks before bed? Why not?

1638 N. Las Palmas Ave., Los Angeles, (323) 467-0200,

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