Want to win a year’s supply of Nutella? Of course you do. Here’s how.

A Burbank man was sentenced, then released Tuesday after serving a year in county jail for punching a 78-year-old shopper over Nutella waffle samples.
(Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)

Nutella is launching a chief Nutella ambassador contest. Or in other words, the company is looking for its biggest chocolate-hazelnut spread fan. We’re pretty sure the entire world just raised a hand.

The contest requires contestants to submit a video, of 60 seconds or less, explaining how that contestant would lead the upcoming World Nutella Day on Feb 5. For many of us, this date is already marked on the calendar.

If you need a little reminder, World Nutella Day is a holiday created by a Nutella fan, for other Nutella fans. It’s when you organize that Nutella parade you’ve been talking about for years, make your own Nutella fountain or impress the world of Instagram with some Nutella artwork.

Five finalists will be announced in November, when the public will have the opportunity to watch the finalists campaign for your vote via social media.


The winner will be crowned the chief Nutella ambassador. It’s a fancy title, and at stake is a year’s supply of Nutella.

The winner will also get a one-week trip to New York City for culinary tours and dining experiences that highlight Nutella. You’ll also meet company representatives to help plan a World Nutella Day celebration.

You can enter the contest at by Oct. 11. And even if you don’t win, Nutella will give away a free T-shirt to any video submission that meets all the contest requirements. So you can at least continue eating Nutella all day long in an official T-shirt.

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