Omakase-only sushi bar Zo opens in downtown L.A.

A favorite of raw-fish aficionados, Zo has opened its second location -- at the corner of 4th and Main streets in downtown Los Angeles.

It’s the follow-up to sushi chef Keizo Seki’s original Westside strip-mall location, Sushi Zo. Downtown Zo (just Zo, not Sushi Zo) opened on Thursday, serving traditional omakase-only tasting menu of nigiri.

Seki’s known for his pristine bite-size cuts of fish and body-temperature rice (the better to emphasize the flavor of the cool fish). No cut rolls here, though he’ll serve an occasional hand roll, such as toro (fatty tuna) swathed in rice and a sheet of extra-crisp seaweed.


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The sushi bar seats about 10, and tables can accommodate another 20 people in the brightly lit dining room. Seki is currently manning the downtown restaurant, and his omakase (“chef’s choice) menu starts at $100, not including sake or beer.

Regulars will recognize Seki’s Kumamoto oysters with ponzu and momiji oroshi (grated radish with chiles), maguro (tuna) sashimi dabbed with wasabi, squid “noodles” with creamy sea urchin, hagatsuo (skipjack) nigiri, warm ankimo (monkfish liver) nigiri, pompano with pickled shishito, and more.

Sushi Zo joins Dr. J’s Vibrant Cafe in the Medallion multi-use development that also is slated to house Bigmista’s Barbecue and a full-time farmers market.

Open for lunch Monday to Friday and dinner Monday to Saturday. Closed Sundays.

334 S. Main St., Los Angeles, (213) 935-8409.


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