Online grocery shopping: Comparing prices at AmazonFresh, Instacart, more


Angelenos who would rather shop for groceries online than by getting into their cars and strolling supermarket aisles have no shortage of choices. A wave of grocery delivery services has hit Los Angeles in the past year, including AmazonFresh, Deliveer, Instacart and more.

Their offerings vary a lot, and so do their prices. Shoppers will pay accordingly depending on what they’re looking for: organic vegetables straight from a local farm, artisan goods from L.A. bakers, national brands, sustainably raised meat or specialty gourmet items.

AmazonFresh has the widest variety and says its prices are competitive with supermarkets. Good Eggs touts artisanal and local products that meet its criteria for sustainable production. Instacart does the shopping for you at Whole Foods, Ralphs and/or Costco, but has said that its prices include a markup, while Deliveer, a similar service that sends shoppers to stores such as Trader Joe’s for you, says that its prices don’t.


Here’s a random selection of basic grocery store items with prices from each of the services. In many cases, the brands varied. The Instacart prices listed are prices it charges for products at Whole Foods, and Deliveer’s are for groceries from Trader Joe’s. At Good Eggs, the producers set the prices. Delivery rates also vary, and AmazonFresh has a $300 annual membership fee. Check out the Los Angeles Times’ Saturday section for more information on how online grocery services stack up.

Organic whole milk, half gallon

AmazonFresh: $3.99 (Organic Valley)

Good Eggs: $5.75 (Straus); $5 (Dairy Goddess)

Instacart (Whole Foods): $4.79 (Straus)

Deliveer: $3.29 (Trader Joe’s)

28-ounce jar marinara sauce

AmazonFresh: $2.49 (Newman’s Own organic); $3.49 (Muir Glen organic); $8.59 (Rao’s 24-ounce)

Good Eggs: $8 (Mascaro)

Instacart (Whole Foods): $3.99 (Newman’s Own); $2.99 (365 Organic, with mushrooms); $4.29 (Muir Glen organic)

Deliveer (Trader Joe’s): $2.49 (Trader Joe’s); $2.79 (Trader Joe’s organic)

1 pint organic cherry tomatoes

AmazonFresh: $3.29 (Del Cabo)

Good Eggs: $8 (Cliff McFarlin Organics)

Instacart (Whole Foods): $3.79 (Gold Life)

Deliveer (Trader Joe’s): $3.09 (Trader Joe’s)

1 pound European-style butter

AmazonFresh: $4.59 for half pound (Organic Valley cultured butter)

Good Eggs: $6.95 (Straus); $12.50 (Organic Pastures Dairy Co. raw milk butter)

Instacart (Whole Foods): $3.19 for half pound (Kerrygold); $6.99 (Straus)

Deliveer (Trader Joe’s): $3.69 for half pound (Kerrygold)

1 dozen free-range eggs

AmazonFresh: $4.79 (China Valley Ranchers); $9 (Dare to Dream)

Good Eggs: $6 (Gama Farms); $14 (Apricot Lane Farms soy- and GMO-free)

Instacart (Whole Foods): $2.99 (365); $4.49 (365 Organic); $6.99 (Vital Farms Organic); $6.39 (Chino Valley Ranchers)

Deliveer (Trader Joe’s): $4.49 (Trader Joe’s organic)

3/4 pound bacon

AmazonFresh: $6.45 (Huntington Meats); $7.99 (Niman Ranch); $6.29 (Oscar Mayer center cut)

Good Eggs: $16 (Peads & Barnett)

Instacart (Whole Foods): $5.99 (365 center cut); $6.99 (Wellshire Farms thick sliced)

Deliveer (Trader Joe’s): $4.89 (Trader Joe’s)