Could this be the best pizza box design ever?

The thought of having to find room for a giant pizza box in your fridge is almost enough to make you decide on Chinese food for dinner instead. We said almost.

Pizza makes for the perfect leftovers, but the pizza box almost ruins it. You’d think by the time someone figured out 3-D food printing, we’d have a better pizza box design.  

Hoping to reinvent the way pizza is consumed and stored, GreenBox invented a new pizza box. It’s still made out of cardboard, which happens to be 100% recycled and corrugated, but this box is different. 

There is a perforated cross along the top of the box so that it can be removed and torn into four pieces, perfect for serving four slices of pizza. But what about the other four slices left in the box? Another portion of the box tears away to create a pizza box that’s half the size of the original for leftovers. 


OK, so the box isn’t high-tech or come with disposable heat lamps (is that even possible?). But it will save you from finding a way to shove an entire pizza box in your fridge when the only thing you want to do is take a nap. 

According to GreenBox, some Whole Foods locations as well as various pizza chains around the country use the boxes. The company is working with Pizza Hut in the Middle East. 

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