New Spam is out of the can, and bacon-flavored

Spam is out of the can

Spam will be available in some areas in single-serving pouches as well as the familiar blue can.

(Hormel Foods )

It’s one of life’s greatest questions. If Spam doesn’t come in a blue can, is it still Spam? According to Hormel, the company that makes the popular pork product, it is.

Out-of-the-can Spam also happens to be a snack.  

Bite-sized pieces of Spam are now available in single-serve pouches, so you can eat Spam while you’re walking down the street, on the bus, in the middle of a five-mile hike — and everywhere in between. 

The Spam snacks come in three flavors: classic, bacon and teriyaki. For the bacon-flavored Spam, “it’s swine on swine, and that’s a scrumptious thing,” according to the Spam website


The Spam snacks will be available in select markets in Hawaii, the Southeast and West. The suggested retail price for a 1.4-ounce pouch is $2.39. 

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