Time your Thanksgiving turkey — with a Spotify playlist

Spotify launches Turkey Time for Thanksgiving
This Thanksgiving, time your turkey with a custom Spotify playlist.

The year that turkeys first began to sport those little pop-up buttons that tell the hapless turkey roaster when the bird is done, my engineer father was thrilled. No more guessing: Science had entered the turkey roasting business. I’m very sure if he were still around, this year he’d be timing his turkey with Spotify’s new “Time for Turkey.”

Yes, that’s right. Spotify, the music streaming service.

Here’s the way it works, according to the website: “Simply input the weight of your turkey, select stuffed or unstuffed, pick your favorite music genre and — presto! — Spotify will serve up a playlist to accompany you for the duration that your bird bakes.”

Choose from the following genres: Americana (“the ultimate soundtrack for a truly American holiday”), Family Time (“Grandma and the nephew are in the kitchen and they’re both saying ‘turn it up!’”), Feeling Thankful (“From thank you for being a friend to thank you for the music”), Club Kitchen (“songs that will make you dance up an appetite”), Freshly Baked (“new jams fresh and hot off the charts”), or Golden Oldies (“a classic recipe of hits like mom used to listen to”).


A word of caution: Before the playlist runs out, you might still want to double check when that turkey’s done with an old-fashioned meat thermometer.

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