Kettle Brand launches Sriracha-flavored chips

The country’s current love affair with Sriracha hot sauce is far from over. There has been an influx of Sriracha-flavored products over the last couple of months, including Sriracha candy canes, Sriracha bacon lollipops and, now, Kettle Brand Sriracha-flavored chips.

The chips are meant to taste like the familiar, slightly sweet, hot and vinegary Huy Fong Foods version of the hot sauce, said a publicist for the company. Kettle developers spent months trying to duplicate the condiment’s flavor.

The red chip bags feature a flaming bottle of hot sauce, reminiscent of Huy Fong Foods’ bottle with the green cap and the rooster on the front.

The chips are available in 5-ounce five-packs online for $14.99 and are scheduled to hit stores Jan. 5.

Will you try the chips in the hopes of warding off a #SrirachApocalypse?


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