Starbucks’ Frappuccino truck debuts on the streets of L.A.

As if 105 Los Angeles stores and an additional 127 in San Diego weren’t enough, Starbucks has gotten wheels, hitting the streets of Southern California. For the next two weeks, the Starbucks food truck will be driving around the streets of Los Angeles in all its caffeinated glory.

The truck is dedicated to the company’s ever popular frozen beverage, the Frappucino. A selection of their signature flavors will be available, along with some limited-time offerings, including Mocha Cookie Crumble and Caramel Ribbon Crunch. The truck doesn’t offer any other Starbucks drinks besides the frappé.

The rainbow coffee caravan launched in San Diego on May 15 for a two-week stint, and is now rolling in Los Angeles. It will be based in L.A. until June 15. It will stop at classic L.A. destinations, such as Hollywood and Highland, the Venice Beach boardwalk and the Hollywood Bowl. The truck will tour cities around California until June 30.

Starbucks has also created a Tumblr page dedicated to the beloved Frappucino. It’s home to bright pictures, animation and gifs featuring the beverage and hip, young people with frappés in hand. The blog, along with the new truck, represents Starbucks’ attempt to create a younger and hipper image.


If walking across the street to the Starbucks is not cool enough, you can find where the truck currently is here.