Wine with your Taco Bell Sriracha Quesarito? The chain is testing alcohol options

Taco Bell is testing alcoholic beverages at a location in Chicago this summer.

Taco Bell is testing alcoholic beverages at a location in Chicago this summer.

(Gene J. Puskar / Associated Press)

Taco Bell is where you might end up post-midnight, drunk on vodka Redbulls, but some new additions to the menu could get you into the Mexican fast food chain before dark.

Yum Brands Inc., the Irvine-based company behind Taco Bell, is testing beer, wine and alcoholic slushee-like drinks called “mixed alcohol freezes” at a new Chicago Taco Bell location scheduled to open this summer, according to the Associated Press.

That means a cold brew with your Doritos Locos Taco, a glass of wine with your Sriracha Quesarito and a spiked freeze to help wash down that Crunchwrap Supreme.


There will be special cups to designate alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, according to a Taco Bell release.

The restaurant testing the drinks in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood is operated by a franchisee, who plans to monitor the alcohol sales through a third-party service.

A Taco Bell representative did not have more information on specific alcoholic drinks at this time.

The introduction of alcohol to the menu comes along with a new Taco Bell test design in certain markets. New features include exposed brick walls and a version of a chef’s counter that looks into an open kitchen with lime green stools.

The food will also be served in baskets to showcase the ingredients.

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