In new ad, Taco Bell wants you to ditch your old McDonald’s breakfast

Taco Bell is taking another jab at McDonald’s in its new ad “Get with the Times.”

In the ad, a young man is pictured on a bus with a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin sandwich.

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“I’ve been eating Egg McMuffins since 1984,” says the narrator. “When I saw Taco Bell made a waffle taco, I figured I would get with the times.”


He proceeds to get a haircut, buy tighter pants, ditch his flip phone for a smartphone, take down his “Loverboy” poster and start eating waffle tacos.

“Move on from your old McDonald’s breakfast with Taco Bell’s exciting new breakfast menu,” says the narrator.

The ad comes just weeks after the Irvine-based company featured people named Ronald MacDonald professing their love for the new waffle tacos. According to a Taco Bell spokesperson, targeting McDonald’s is just a form of disruptive marketing.

“Breakfast is habitual and is full of me-too sandwiches,” the spokesperson told The Times. “We knew that in order to break people’s morning routines, we had to create disruptive marketing in addition to an innovative menu that draws attention that the next-generation breakfast is here at Taco Bell.”

We’ve reached out to McDonald’s for comment and will let you know when we hear back.

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