Taco Bell really, really wants a taco emoji


The next time you’re craving a taco, Taco Bell wants you to text a taco emoji. They want it so badly, the Irvine-based fast food chain created a petition late last year to collect signatures for the emoji.

The petition is a letter to the Unicode Consortium, a nonprofit responsible for regulating computer text, including emojis. The organization announced that it accepted 37 new emoji character candidates to be released in 2015. The taco is one of them.

“Why do pizza and hamburger lovers get an emoji but taco lovers don’t?” asked Taco Bell on its page. “Here’s a better question: Why do we need four different types of mailboxes? Or 25 different types of clocks? Or a VCR tape and floppy disk emoji? No one even uses those things anymore.”


Well, Taco Bell has a point. And its fans seem to agree. The petition currently has 21,310 signatures and needs 3,690 to meet its goal.

On its blog, the Unicode Consortium named the taco, hot dog, burrito, bottle with popping cork, popcorn, turkey, cheese wedge and unicorn face among its most requested emojis. The organization’s version of the taco emoji includes ground beef, lettuce, cheese and tomatoes. Taco Bell’s version, featured on the petition, includes sour cream, similar to a Taco Bell taco supreme.

Other proposed emojis include a zipper mouth face, nerd face and crab.

“America wants a taco emoji,” said Taco Bell in the petition. “American needs a taco emoji. Help us. Sign this petition. Let’s make the taco emoji official.”

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