Sriracha vodka from UV hits the market for a booze-fueled obsession


The Sriracha obsession may be getting a little out of hand. After a judge ordered the partial shutdown of the Huy Fong Foods Sriracha plant in Irwindale in November, someone listed a single packet of sauce for sale on EBay for $10,000. And the hot sauce has made its way into candy canes in time for the holidays. Now the UV Vodka brand has paired the sauce with vodka, taking the obsession to an entirely new booze-fueled level.

Sriracha cocktails aren’t new. Certain bartenders around town have been using it in their concoctions for a while now. Cocktail consultant Matthew Biancaniello whips up a couple sriracha cocktails, including one with guava-infused tequila and tomato sriracha. Josh Goldman of Acabar does a cocktail with homemade sriracha syrup. But now there is UV sriracha-flavored vodka.

Phillips Distilling Co., the brand behind UV Vodka, came up with its own recipe for sriracha hot sauce to use for the vodka. The bottle is an expected shade of red and the cap is green, mimicking the Huy Fong Foods bottles of the hot sauce.


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“UV Sriracha is not too hot, not too spicy and the ideal vodka to punch up a Bloody Mary or any savory drink,” Jim Aune, Phillips’ director of research and development, said in a statement. “The nose has a blend of chile peppers, including the hotter red chile pepper and the more subtle green chili pepper.”

The UV company offers drink recipes for a sriracha vodka Bloody Mary, a “sriracha chelada” with beer and lime, a “srirachaberry margarita” and more. Vodka and Sriracha purists can always drink it straight on the rocks.

A 750 ml bottle is selling for $11.99, and the vodka can be found in stores nationwide.

Somewhere out there, in the vast world of hot sauce fans, we’re imagining a sriracha enthusiast reading this post, wearing a sriracha T-shirt, dipping a sriracha bacon lollipop into sriracha mayo in one hand and holding a sriracha cocktail in the other, sitting on a green-and-red chair.

If this happens to be you, please send us a photo.

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